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Go On Robin

Robin Bengtsson
Christmas is complete
when the entertainment
is good. The performance
gave rise to great enthusiasm
among the audience.
I hope that Robin
will go on.

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Winner Performance

Robin Bengtsson performed
on Cinderella Christmas Day.
Robin has competed twice
in the Melody Festival:
Constellation Prize &
I Can’t Go On. The last
mention won the
whole competition./Anneli

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More Tours

Christmas Night
Magnus Carlsson
is as usual the star
of the show. Next year
two more tours are
”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan”
and ”Diggiloo”.

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Lead Singers

Christmas Night
Elisa Lindström is
the lead singer of
Elisa’s. Magnus Carlsson
is known from Barbados.
It was not as many
dance band hits as

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Open Your Door

Christmas Night
Tommy Nilsson is most famous
hit is ”Öppna din dörr”.
An artist that I hope
returns nexts year.
With help of a little
glitter he is as
made for Christmas
shows./Anneli 🙂

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Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven
Yesterday Prime Minister
Stefan Löfven held an excellent
Chistmas speech to the
nation.The fourth industrial
revolution is coming
to Avesta. Google will
be a part of it.

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Christmas on Earth

First Advent

At the moment I think about
what we can do for the Kakapos
(Ugglepapegoja). In the world
there are 160 left.
This years best Christmas hit
has got an official video today.

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Wild Chorography

Ace Wilder
When the weather is
grey it is nice to go away.
Ace Wilder entertained
with good dance and hits
onboard Cinderella this
weekend. The audience
danced along.

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Lina & Tess

Tess Merkel and
Lina Hedlund are
two of the members
in Alcazar. Always
nice when artists
decide to come out
to sign autographs
after a good show./Anneli

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Great Performance!

A professional show
with a great singer.
Some in the audience
told me that this
was the best they
ever seen.


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