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Sunny Christmas

“Änglarnas Tid/Vallby”: Magnus Carlsson is the king of Christmas tours. He sang Hallejuha and a new beautiful song by Niklas Dackborn and Py Bäckman./Anneli

Magical Dalhalla

Rhapsody in Rock: This years Rhapsody in Rock was a magical experience. This celebration concert: Robert Wells, Maria Wells, Jay Osmond, Anders Bagge, Svenne Hedlund, LaGaylia, Magnus Carlsson & Jakob […]

FBtGS: Season 4

Gävle: ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” #magnuscarlsson #frånbarbadostillgamlastan  

Star FBtGS

Västerås: ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” #magnuscarlsson #frånbarbadostillgamlastan

Dramatic FBtGS

Västerås: ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” #magnuscarlsson #frånbarbadostillgamlastan

Meet FBtGS

Västerås: The best show right now; ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” came to Västerås. #magnuscarlsson #frånbarbadostillgamlastan

Princess Estelle

Congratulations! Happy Birthday Princess Estelle! I hope that Princess Leonore also enjoyed her birthday. I wish both the best./Anneli

Exhibition Kupolen

There is a exhibition going in in Kupolen about the history of the building. Jan Forsstedt is the producer. A lot of artists performed in the arena. I hope for […]

Ice Horse

Sculpture: A ice sculpture can make people happy./Anneli


Playground: At the moment I avoid crowds. There is an end of the tunnel. Keep a distance of a Christmas tree! Do not touch and give someone a hug in […]