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Art Director: I had the honor to run into Pompe Hedengren, the creator behind the exhibition: ”Everything You Can Imagine is Real”/”Magasinet”. Fantasy has never been necessary than now. Escape […]

”Haute Papier”

”Magasinet”: The fantastic exhibition ”Everything You Can Imagine is Real” is worth a visit. Bea Szenfeld show her ”Haute Papier”-collection. The creative initiative is a cooperation between Bea Szenfeld, Pompe […]

Music Night

TV4: Right now Late Night Consert – Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso!/Anneli

Live & Love

National Day: Today Magnus Carlsson released a new hit. It is pop at the best level with a good message: My Freedom. Click on the headline and the link./Anneli


National Day: An exiting day, even though everything is not as usual. The Crown Princess Victoria showed the castle. It is now possible to see on the page: Swedish Royal […]

Consert M Day

Congratulations all mothers! Karantänsessions: 12.00 – 31 May – YouTube – Magnus Carlsson, Dr. Alban, Malena Ernman, Lina Hedlund, Hanna Hedlund, Nassim al Fakir & Carola. Click on the headline […]

Care Staff

We hold on/ “Vi håller ut!”: Magnus Carlsson, Robin Bengtsson and a lot of other artists celebrate care staff. Look at magnus_cson instagram. Click on the headline and then the […]

Eurovison 12

Favorites: SVT arranged tonight a own Eurovision. I like France, Azerbaijan, Spain and Great Britain best. The Mamas should be in the competition. What do you think? /Anneli

New Home

Skansen: The crocodiles have been given a new home. Click on the headline and then the links.


More Music ”Karantänsessions”/Aftonbladet -12.00-Today: Lina Hedlund, Andreas Johnsson, Hanna Hedlund, Nassim Al Fakir, Pernilla Wahlgren, Tommy Körberg and more./Anneli