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Wild Chorography

Ace Wilder
When the weather is
grey it is nice to go away.
Ace Wilder entertained
with good dance and hits
onboard Cinderella this
weekend. The audience
danced along.

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Lina & Tess

Tess Merkel and
Lina Hedlund are
two of the members
in Alcazar. Always
nice when artists
decide to come out
to sign autographs
after a good show./Anneli

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Great Performance!

A professional show
with a great singer.
Some in the audience
told me that this
was the best they
ever seen.


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Börje Ahlstedt

Ingemar Bergman
Börje Ahlsted & Per-Ola
Björklund came to Borlänge.
They talked about Bergman’s
connection to Dalecarlia.
A well visited and
excellent lecture.


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20 Years

Venture Cup 20 ÅrVenture Cup
The competition
turned 20 years.
The event took
place at Stockholm
Concert Hall.
It was a night with
interesting lectures.

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Light Magic

A good show has nice lights
& amazing music. With
Magnus, Jessica &
big band on stage
that was fulfilled.
I hope they come
back to Cinderella./Anneli

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Dalecarlia Music Festival

Joey Tempest is Sweden’s
best hard rock singer. Together
with Europe we all got an
exclusive rock experience.
I hope that they will return
to Dalecalia soon.


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Olle Moreus

Musician’s from Orsa and
Olle Moreus performed
at ”Bingsjö Stämman”.
This was the main entertainment of the night.
Next year Bingsjöstämman turns
50 years. The event had
midsummer feeling.

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Barbados Björn

Stora Björn
”Stora Björn” is the
name of Borlänge’s
big dance palace.
It is nice with a visit
from another bear.
I like the YouTube
serial: ”Innan vi droppar av”.

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Barbados Lager

”Hela Huset Gungar”
Barbados played in
Borlänge yesterday.
It is always a welcome
visit. The band has
through the years
had a lot of hits.


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