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See Wonderland

The lions sleeps tonight, ”Se mig” och ”Världen utanför” are just a few of the songs that made Barbados great. This show also contains hits from Alcazar! Örebro was in […]

Complete Show

The greatest showman, fantastic light, beautiful digital backgrounds & good acoustics made this a complete show! /Anneli

F Barbados till G S

If you want show, dance and good entertainment. Go and see ”Barbados till Gamla Stan./Anneli


It is not every day that I shake hand with the Prime Minister. I have never seen so many municipal commissioner in one place. /Anneli


The Prime Minister Stefan Löven & Minister for Defence Peter Hultquist came to Falun yesterday. The main message was: Vote in re-election! /Anneli

Secret Surprise

”Invigning Svenska Skidspelen” The World Cup in Falun has now started. We in the Pop & Rock choir/”Pop- & Rockkören” was a secret surprise. Mighty feeling to sing in the […]


Barbados I like all the new effects. Håkan Svärd is on of the new member of Barbados. Two original members are still playing in the band. /Anneli

YouTube Entertainers

Barbados Barbados is not just a band, but also good YouTube Entertainers. ”Innan vi droppar av” is episodes about the life in Barbados. /Anneli

Album Release

Fernadoz Fernandoz is a Swedish famous band that playes dance music. The band now releases a new album. Good Luck! /Anneli