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Super Power Show

The Diggiloo event in Gävle was crowded. Diggiloo is good music and dance in a total mix. Magnus Carlsson is the greatest showman and deliver as usual. The show gives […]

Summer Event

Diggiloo  started 2003and this is the 16th season. The summer tour goes around Sweden. A lot of good singers have performed in the show. This year is no exception. In […]


John Lundvik is new in Diggiloo this year. He is a singer, songwriter and former sprinter.Lundvik had a major breakthrough as a singer in the Melody Festival. That is the […]

Camera Smile

Always nice when the artists come out and sign autographs and smile, but sometimes I have to wait a long time. Click on the link and see some happy steps […]

Effectful Diggiloo

Diggiloo visit a lot of towns. Gävle was one of the last. The effects are many in Diggiloo. The show is always worth a few visits. /Anneli

First Diggiloo

Diggiloo Dalhalla: Magnus Carlsson celebrates 25 years as an artist. This fall the show continues at ”Cirkus”/Circus in Stockholm. I looked at the first tour in Örebro. It is a […]


Diggiloo Dalhalla: John Lundvik is this years winner of the Melody Festival. Lundvik is here to stay! He is now one of the most esteemed artists in Sweden. /Anneli

Carlsson & Lundvik

Diggiloo Dalhalla: John Lundvik and Magnus Carlsson are two singers with magic voices. I always try to see Diggiloo when Magnus Carlsson is on the artist list./Anneli

Victor Crone

Åfesten 2019: Victor Crone performed this year in the Eurovision Song Contest. He was one of the artists in RIX FM’s Moving Start party. It was a nice surprise. I […]

Home Region

Gustaf Norén and Viktor Norén performed on the National Day. They are known for being members of Mando Diao and Sugerplum Fairy. This summer they tour with Floda Folk Muscian. […]