Galaxy: The sun was shining on the way back from Åbo. A few in the audience got the opportunity to photograph a happy Magnus Carlsson. His performance was great and […]

Destination Barbados

Peter & Lager: Unusual and good photo shoots are always welcome. Many thanks to Peter & Lager. A smile makes the day. 🙂 I wish Barbados was in the Melody […]

Cat Reflection

Smile: Sometimes you meet individuals that change the world. Sometimes a cute reflection can make me smile. /Anneli

International Level

”FrĂ„n Barbados till Gamla Stan”: Only a complete artist can make a show sparkle. Magnus Carlsson has it all singing, dancing and showmanship. In his show he also has four […]

Water & Mountain

Dalecarlias best view you can find in RĂ€ttvik. It is a nice place for photographers. /Anneli

Water Sculpture

RĂ€ttvik: The shape of water always changes. Fantasy! Wings! Life! /Anneli

Mega Hits

A lot of good music in Diggiloo this this year.Magnus Carlsson is known for a lot of mega hits. In GĂ€vle he came out to meet the audience. Arvingarna & […]


A lot is going on at ”Fotografiska”. A few days ago I looked at Vincent Peters magnificent pictures of superstars: Jon Hamm, David Beckham & Emma Watson./Anneli

World artist Madonna! Wait to see what she will sing! A lot of Eurovison winners: Zelmerlöf and others! A wonderful show!/Anneli

Air Crew

The Pop- & Rock Choir :We have a whole fantastic team working behind us for example light, sound, film, photographer and cafeteria.Thank You! /Anneli