Dalecarlia: This is a near study of a water lily, also called Nymphaeaceae. The family of water lilies is aquatic herbs. /Anneli

Water Flowers

Dalecarlia: Water Lilies are usual this time of the year: white, yellow or even red. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. /Anneli


Dalecarlia: The hottest day of the year! Now it is finally raining! No need to go abroad this year! /Anneli

Still Midsummer

Dalecarlia: Traditionally, the midsummer was June 23 and it was celebrated on June 24. All this changed in 1953. / Anneli

Summer Energy

Dalecarlia: Happy Midsummer! I wish you all a wonderful weekend. /Anneli

Hot Day

Happy: The weather in Borlänge was hot today, maybe the warmast day this year. /Anneli

Soon Midsummer

Dalecarlia: This will be a midsummer that we will all remember. Nature look the same, but maybe the colours are a bit brighter./Anneli

Unusual Summer

Dalecarlia: Finally the summer came! Warm weather! No beach! No concerts! No crowd! Sun! /Anneli


National Day: An exiting day, even though everything is not as usual. The Crown Princess Victoria showed the castle. It is now possible to see on the page: Swedish Royal […]