Autumn Change

This weekend Borlänge and Grängesberg traditional market took place. It is a lot of nice colours. Look around! /Anneli

Visit Dragon

I visited Örebro. Open Art take place every year in Örebro. A dragon could be seen. Summer is always nice!/Anneli

Waves Gotland

Gotland is a part of Sweden, but still very diffrent from the rest. The waves can sometimes be breathtaking. I hope to return to Visby soon. /Anneli

Pep Talk

”Almedalsveckan” :Carolina Kluft talked about the importance of exercise. At the moment she works with Generation PEP. The Crown Princess couple is the founder of this initiativ. The foundation want […]


Visby: A lot of pictures this summer, but a few hours to write in the blog. Here come some photos from my vacation on Gotland. This time a lot more […]

Kurbits Crew

Every autumn Children´s Day take place in centre of Borlänge. The dance group Kurbits Crew performed their acts from ”Talang” and ”Allsång på Skansen”. The dance group usually take classes […]

Camera Smile

Always nice when the artists come out and sign autographs and smile, but sometimes I have to wait a long time. Click on the link and see some happy steps […]

Effectful Diggiloo

Diggiloo visit a lot of towns. Gävle was one of the last. The effects are many in Diggiloo. The show is always worth a few visits. /Anneli

First Diggiloo

Diggiloo Dalhalla: Magnus Carlsson celebrates 25 years as an artist. This fall the show continues at ”Cirkus”/Circus in Stockholm. I looked at the first tour in Örebro. It is a […]


Diggiloo Dalhalla: John Lundvik is this years winner of the Melody Festival. Lundvik is here to stay! He is now one of the most esteemed artists in Sweden. /Anneli