My third visit to Gotland took place a sunny day in July. Visby the town of roses is always nice to visit. /Anneli

Town Festival

“Åfesten”: A summer with out Barbados is no summer. Digital backgrounds lift the performance. Technology and music is a good mix./Anneli


Olle Jönsson is the lead singer of Lasse Stefanz. The band played in Ludvika during the celebration of Ludvika turning 100 years./Anneli

Ludvika in Centre

A new international water sculpture can be seen in one street of Ludvika. The colors changes from minute to minute./Anneli

Rouch Landscape

The simplest things can be the most beautiful. Just water and stones can make a great picture. /Anneli

Long Boats

Some traditions last a long time in Dalecarlia. The Vikings had longships, but this ones are friendly. /Anneli

Midsummer Laurels

A victory for the light. A touch of Midsummer. A day that never ends. The most beautiful night of the year. /Anneli

Midsummer De-Stress

Where ever the roads will take you tomorrow I wish you a happy Midsummer. I have a lot of pictures that is waiting to be published. Hold on! /Anneli

Pink Flowers

The summer is on its way. More flowers than ever! What usually happens in June in nature is here now. A lot of sun and rain!/Anneli

FBTGS Tour Pause!

Cinderella was the first stop for Magnus Carlsson before closing his ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” tour. Last stop Åland! The highly acclaimed tour continues this autumn./Anneli