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Idol and Let’s Dance
are shows that made
Måns Zelmerlöw famous.
Wonderful that
Cinderella arranges
good concerts.


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Tour Start

A while ago Eurovision winner
Måns Zelmerlöw performed
at Cinderella. He has a lot
of hits and is a fabulous
entertainer. However the
orcestra was good,
but to load.

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Carlsson & Krång

”Örebro Stadsparken”
Magnus Carlsson and
signing master
Tommy Krång
made an unforgettable
perfomance of the world
hit ”Möt Mig
i Gamla Stan”.

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Liam Cacation Thomassen
won one season of
Swedish Idol.
His performance
was popular. Always nice
with new artists!


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Lill-Babs was a wonderful entertainer and one of those persons that changed the world./Anneli

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Good Show

Melody Festival
It is Always nice with a good show. Congratulation Ingrosso!/Anneli
#Ingrosso #Wahlgren #Benjamin

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Snowy Park Bench

Melody Festival
Everything is not a walk
in the park. A  park bench in
snow is not so easy to sit down
on. Mendez song in
the Melody festival
is a hit. I hope that
it make it to the final.

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Television Weekend

It is a lot of good things to look at this weekend,
when the weather is snowy./Anneli

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Editorial Team

The editorial team behind
Idol came to Borlänge to
look for new talents.
A lot of auditions
took place. I hope
that they found
what they where
looking for./Anneli

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Family Rysberg’s
own Drak-Olle came
to Dalecarlia during
Halloween times.
Marko Lehtosalo is
known for a lot of
hits, for example
”Värsta Schlagern”./Anneli

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