F Barbados till G S

If you want show, dance and good entertainment. Go and see ”Barbados till Gamla Stan./Anneli

Good Friday

What is more beautiful than Magnolia. Almost summer in Örebro. I have waited long for the sun. /Anneli

Consert Travelers

Pop- & Rockkören– May  13 & 14– 19.00– Lugnet Church– Falun– Tickets:– When you order write: “Anneli Fors” in the box “Comments/Kommentarer”. Thank You!


One of my favorite restaurants in Dalecarlia is ”Dalarasten”. The restaurant is a nice place with good food. Just refurbished! /Anneli


Pop- & Rockkören – May  13 & 14 – 19.00 – Lugnet Church – Falun Ticket release Wednesday 20/3: 12.00! Tickets: When you order write: “Anneli Fors” in the […]


World Cup: Today we in Pop- & Rockkören sang & danced at the World Cup in Falun. A cold day with lot of snow, but a lot of joy and […]

Secret Surprise

”Invigning Svenska Skidspelen” The World Cup in Falun has now started. We in the Pop & Rock choir/”Pop- & Rockkören” was a secret surprise. Mighty feeling to sing in the […]

The Cross-Country Elite

”Invigning Svenska Skidspelen” I met Bubo. A nice guy to photograph. The World Cup is one of most visited events in Falun. 15 000 visitors are expected to be there. Sven […]

World Cup Falun

Pop- & rockkören – March 17 – 10.50 – 13.30 – Lugnet Ski Stadium – Falun Tickets: Svenska Skidspelen Welcome!