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Barbados Party

Dance Band Week

It was no shuffle when
barbados entertained,
but a lot of party.
The hole boat rocked.


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Dance Band Week 2018

Surf on the happy moments.
Believe that everything is
possible. On board
Cinderella everything
can happen. In the foyer
”Östen” and friends

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Opening Ceremony

Romme Alpin

NHL hockey players
Anders Kallur,  Anders Hedberg
and Tomas Jonsson cut the ribbons.
It was a snowy and cold day.
A lot happens in Romme Alpin.


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Snowy January

White Landscape

The ground is covered
with snow. There are no
icebears and reindeers
in Dalecarlia,
but they would like
the landscape.

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New Thinking

I had a calm weekend.
In the beginning of the
year it is time to think
about new ideas.
I hope that you all
enjoyed the weekend.


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Totally Snow

Fortune Cookie

”Good to know that everything
is going to improve.”
This must be a record winter.
Dalecarlia is white
and cold.
I hope for spring!

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Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies performed
onboard Cinderella during
twixmas. No more silent night.
Today is the last day of 2017.
A lot of fun things to

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Christmas Wonderland

Traditional Market
Before Christmas
I visited a  traditional
Christmas market
in Avesta. An old
industrial building
has turned into
an art gallery.

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Christmas Peace

Merry Christmas

Two weeks of
free time.
I wish you all a
Merry Christmas
& a Happy New Year.

/Anneli Fors

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Black Friday

Yesterday I visited  Västerås.
Black Friday attracts a lot of
visitors each year. I hoped
to combine it with
cultural events,
but it was all fully

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