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Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven
Yesterday Prime Minister
Stefan Löfven held an excellent
Chistmas speech to the
nation.The fourth industrial
revolution is coming
to Avesta. Google will
be a part of it.

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Christmas Night 2018

Italy is the main theme.
This year four
good artists are on tour:
Magnus Carlsson, Sofia
Källgren, Tommy Nilsson
and Elisa Lindström.
A wonderful show!

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Today an unusual halo
effect occurred in
Borlänge. Crystals and
cold air make this effect.
I am happy to have seen it
one time in my life.


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This is Pop!

Pop- & Rock Choir
The Power of Music
Two days filled with
music. More than 1200 came
to see and hear us.
Thank you all.
The first concert this year
was Vinyl.

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Christmas Bulbs

Second Advent

Happy Second Advent!

Choir Practice today!
Name Day!


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Christmas on Earth

First Advent

At the moment I think about
what we can do for the Kakapos
(Ugglepapegoja). In the world
there are 160 left.
This years best Christmas hit
has got an official video today.

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Choir Power

Pop Rock Choir

I started to sing in ”Pop- & Rockkören”
2015. My first consert with the
choir was: Love, Love, Love.
I hope you have not missed
this years december concert:
Power of Music. I am not
in the photo. /Anneli

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Wild Chorography

Ace Wilder
When the weather is
grey it is nice to go away.
Ace Wilder entertained
with good dance and hits
onboard Cinderella this
weekend. The audience
danced along.

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Idol and Let’s Dance
are shows that made
Måns Zelmerlöw famous.
Wonderful that
Cinderella arranges
good concerts.


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Tour Start

A while ago Eurovision winner
Måns Zelmerlöw performed
at Cinderella. He has a lot
of hits and is a fabulous
entertainer. However the
orcestra was good,
but to load.

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