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Liam Cacation Thomassen
won one season of
Swedish Idol.
His performance
was popular. Always nice
with new artists!


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Sunset Harbour


A beatiful harbour with
a nice sunset. This is
a place to come back to.
Summer should always
be like. A nice sunset
makes the day.

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Öregrund Entertainment

Magnus Carlsson
Sing along for one hour
and then Magnus Carlsson,
that was first Öregrund event
this year. With the sun in
his eyes and lot of hits
Sweden’s best pop singer
made this event to a success.
In the end people danced along/Anneli

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Tourist Magnet

I visited Öregrund for the first
time this week. A town by
the sea. A tourist magnet
worth a visit in the
summer. Free pancakes
and good music was an
extra bonus./Anneli

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Olle Moreus

Musician’s from Orsa and
Olle Moreus performed
at ”Bingsjö Stämman”.
This was the main entertainment of the night.
Next year Bingsjöstämman turns
50 years. The event had
midsummer feeling.

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Orsa Lake

Midsummer 2018
One wonderful view in
is Orsasjön. The lake is a
calm place. This year
they sang ”little bears
instead of ”little frogs”.


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Life is wonderful!/Anneli

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Music Evenings

A lot of music last weekend:
Thomas Di Leva, Drifters,
Victoria Tolstoy, Chris Kläfford,
& Larz-Kristerz.
Falun was a nice place
to visit.


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National Day 2018

The most beautiful
time of the year is
when flowers blom.
Cold weather made
me go inside.
I hope you all enjoyed
the day.

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Summer has come
to Dalecarlia!
This is Hjortnäs
Wonderful time
of the year!


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