One of the first records I got from my grandmother was with Lasse Lönndahl and Tulips from Amsterdam. He’s probably singing to the angels now./Anneli

We need female heros like Tina Turner. She had an golden eye for hits./Anneli

Ghost Laban

This weekend is Ascension Day in the calendar. Inger Sandberg, the creator of the little ghost Laban, has left us. The TV series and books evoke many fond childhood memories. […]


Cinderella received an honorable visit from Leif Kronlund. Sway was part of the repertuar.

Early Fire

This year, the May bonfires started early. It is possible to burn all kinds of things. It is effective with chairs. Spring is finally here, although there is snow left. […]


Clas Ohlson: In the shop in Insjön there is a museum with famous goods and pictures of Clas Ohlson and employees. The catalog has always been an important way to […]

Bus Stop

In Leksand, it has been realized that public transport can get nice design.