Veni Vidi Vici meets Camino

Camino Caroline PeterssonVeni Vidi Vici got an interview with Caroline Petersson, one of the founders of Camino who made an exclusive visit to Borlänge in Connection to Peace & Love festival. Camino is an ethical lifestyle magazine that gives solutions to the environmental problems in the world. The magazine tries to see things in a positive way. When writing about problems they use beautiful pictures. Camino deals with sustainable lifestyle, fashion and starting businesses on the same theme.

In the beginning the three young women did not have any capital and because of this they started as an economical association. They received help from an organization called Coompanion. To know that the magazine could work they phoned organizations that deal with sustainable development and asked if they would support them. The first number they gave a way for free and sent out to newspapers and television. They also market themselves at courses for people that want to start there own business. She finds the lectures to be the most interesting part of her work.

Camino was the first magazine about ethical lifestyle in Sweden, but there are several others, for example Echo Queen. They magazine got its income from advertisement. Caroline believes that people should not start businesses looking at what they could make money from instead they should look at what problems that need to be solved in the world. She encourages people to go from word to action.

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  1. “Den femte årstiden” fick jag hem för ett tag sedan men har inte läst hans andra böcker sen undrar om det bara är att hoppa in i dem.. ja, vi får se 😉

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