Inspiration day: Hidayet Tercan

galaxen_anneli_fors1.jpgHidayet Tercan held an inspiration lecture in Borlänge about not being scared and that people can create their own possibilities. She came to Sweden as a refugee and her first years she spend at a refugee camp in Rämshyttan. Hidayet grew up under hard conditions, but today she drives a successful a firm for health care with ethical values. Previously she has also worked as a business developer at Axel Johnson.
Hadayet Hidayet said that her family had told her to never accept no for an answer. She thinks that nothing is impossible. People often ask her how she gets the energy to do things, but she says the truth is that she gets the energy from doing things. She does not have any education, but she has an idea about what she wants to do and throws herself into things that she wants to do and learns as she goes along.

Hadayet Tercan says in her inspiration lecture:
– I think that life is fantastic, when you can choose your own way.

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