Alexandra Dahlström: Lacrimosa

Alexandra DahlströmThis year the video festival’s main guest lecturer was Alexandra Dahlström known from Fucking Åmål

Alexandra Dahlström did her directors debut with the film Lacrimosa, when she lived in Italy. The money to do the film she got from participating in a Dutch TV series. Alexandra wrote the manuscript in a few weeks and did the short film in a hurry. By accident she meet someone that could help her find someone that could cut her film. She was surprised when she was accepted to the film festival in Stockholm.

Alexandra thinks that casting is the most difficult part when doing a movie. Her advice is to go for what you believe in. Continue to look until you find actors that touches your feelings.

On the festival there was also possible to pitch a film idea for Alexandra Dahlström. The price was to win a one year use of a video camera and 3000 crowns. Some took the opportunity and later the same evening the lucky winner was announced.

Yours truly thinks that Lacrimosa is a very beautiful and poetic movie and it will be interesting to see what the lucky winner in the pitch competition creates until next year.

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