Beat It: Tribute to Michael Jackson

Yesterday Bounce, me and 300 other dancers did a tribute to Michael Jackson in the inner city of Stockholm. We performed at Sergelstorg, the Central station and Stureplan. We did the choreography to Michael Jacksons Beat it.

On the first location Sergelstorg the sun shined and it was a lot of space for all the steps. On the second location I got caught by some Japanese photographer and had to back away to not get hurt. At the last location at Stureplan we stopped the traffic and the rain fell on our faces. This is a day that I always will remember and it was a good way to make a tribute to Michael Jackson. Since I saw Fame the first time it has always been a dream to stop the traffic and dance in the street. When Michael Jackson lived he made many peoples dream come true and he will always be an inspiration.

In the evening we all gathered to eat spaghetti bolognese at Golden Hits and dance to Micheal Jackson hits. We were invited by Richard Herrey.

See me dance in red jacket and sunglasses:

Expressen: A Swedish tribute to Michael Jackson

Aftonbladet: A Swedish tribute to Michael Jackson

Films in the world about the Stockholm tribute to Michael Jackson

Perez Hilton: A Stockholm tribute to Micheal Jackson

YouTube: A Sergelstorg tribute to Michael Jackson

YouTube 2: A Sergelstorg tribute to Michael Jackson

YouTube 3: A Stureplan tribute to Michael Jackson

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