Day 7 P&L: The Happyland

Peace & Love The Happyland has left Borlänge and the town is empty and quiet again. The only thing you can hear are seagulls that is having the meal of […]

Day 6 P&L: Beyonce & Jay-Z

Peace & Love The last day of Peace & Love Beyonce landed at Dala Airport with her husband. Shawn Corey Carter, Jay-Z performed that day at the festival. Next year […]

Peace & Love: Cycle Taxi

The most new and most interesting thing about Peace Love this year is the cycle taxi. You can go between the different locations at Peace & Love for reasonable price. […]

Day 5 P&L: King & Queen

Peace & Love Yesterday was not the Final Count Down, because Joe Tempest showed that he is the king of Peace & Love. Kim Wild is the queen of Peace […]

Day 4 P&L: Cafe Peace & Love

Peace & Love: Mari Gold Thursday the fourth day of the festival I decided to be tourist in my own town and visit Café Peace & Love with new eyes. […]

Taylor Mali Peace & Love

Peace & Love Taylor Mali is the teacher that became a spoken word artist. Yesterday at Peace & Love he had a workshop in poetry. I am not a poet, […]

P&L Day 3: Save the world

Peace & Love Day three in I spent in the Peace & Love area. Taylor Mali had an interesting workshop and Johan Tell made us believe that it is possible […]

Day 2 P&L: Bird in trouble

Peace & Love Dogge Doggelito Today I came home from a concert with Dogge Doggelito, when I found a note on my door. The text was as follows: “We sat […]

Day 1 P&L: Elephants & Camels

Peace & Love’s first day was a calm day, so calm that I decided to see if I could find my old photo models from Circus Maximum. That is two […]

V&D Wedding

It was a magical day the day when Daniel got his Victoria and he became the new prince of Sweden. 500 000 people waited on the streets and outside the […]