Day 2 P&L: Bird in trouble

Dogge_Doggelitio_Peace_and_LovePeace & Love

Dogge Doggelito

Today I came home from a concert with Dogge Doggelito, when I found a note on my door. The text was as follows:

“We sat by the tower outside and discovered that there was a bird outside your window that is stuck. Maybe you could help the bird. It would be a friendly thing to do to the poor bird.

Love & peaceful greetings

Three animal friends”

Under the text the three animal friends had drawn a heart.


I found the bird struggling for its life. The bird’s foot was stuck in a paper string. I took my brush to help the poor thing, but it was not long enough. I found two bamboo sticks and tied them together, but the paper sting would not break.

I found someone with more courage that put a knife on the bamboo sticks and could cut the bird loose. The little bird could fly again.

This a true story of real Peace & Love. The bird got his freedom.

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