fish_blogScience Festival in Gothenburg: Evelina Wahlquist and Christofer Pihl claims that bloggers are both consumers and producers.

I attended a blogosphere lecture on the Science Festival in Gothenburg. The blogosphere is all blogs and how they connect.  We read about them in the newspapers those bloggers who got fame and fortune by blogging:  Kenza, Blondin Bella, Perez Hilton and Kissy. Some get fame by beauty and intelligence and some by just being crazy.  The lecture was held by Evelina Wahlquist and Christofer Pihl. The two doctoral students talked about that a blogger is in the borderland between a consumer and a producer. In this borderland is also people like Basshunter that started of making music in there own home.  Blogs are also interesting for magazines. In 2009 Isabella Löwengrip was mentioned in 1086 articles. What makes it a blogosphere is that the bloggers communicate with each other. Sometimes there is a war between bloggers. Each year there is a blog award when all the bloggers meet.

Famous bloggers:

Research students:

Basshunter how to make music:

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