Science Festival in Gothenburg 2011

lion_bird_gothenburgScience Festival in Gothenburg/”Vetenskapsmässan i Göteborg” is one of Europe’s leading popular science events. I visited the event 12-13 May 2011.  This year’s theme was creativity. In “Nordstan” I  attended creative workshops.  Marcus Österberg gave tips about how to optimize the web. At the Educationist /“Pedagogen” it was possible to listen to lectures about creativity.  Alf Rehn talked about Dangerous Ideas, “Farliga idéer”.  His book cover that creative ideas are good, but creative people can be cumbersome. Rehn discuss that all creative books are written on the same principle and he wants to break that trend.

Science Festival in Gothenburg 2011 was a Mecca for creative people.

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