Time of the Angels

angelChristmas is the time of joy and happiness.

Magnus Carlsson is on tour Time of the Angels/´”Änglarnas Tid”. I visited the concert in Säter. Magnus sang a new version of ABBA’s Arrival. Finally the song has got a text.
His version of “Ave Maria” was so beautiful that the audience on the bench next to me cried.
The tour Time of the Angels is worth a visit to hear Magnus sing like you never heard him sing before. This year’s Christmas gift: Magnus Carlsson’s Christmas Deluxe Edition. It contains three albums: “En ny jul”/A new Christmas, “Spår i snön”/ “Track in the snow” and “Änglarnas Tid”/Time of the Angels.

One week until Christmas. I wish all new and old friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Time of the Angels


Last Christmas

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