Riga in Snow

riga_bridgeRiga/”Andra Chansen, Melodifestivalen”/Second Chance, Melody Festival:

I visited the beautiful and snowy Riga a sunny Sunday. It is easy to get impressed by the historical monuments, new buildings and high fashion. The city is in development. The frosty bridges and glittering water takes your breath away. The harbour was full of ice; because of this the ship got delayed. The trip to Riga was a nice short holiday.

Melody Festival/Second Chance
Saturday I watched the melody festival without any sound. The Latvian crew on board Silja Festival did not understand why sound was important. As a pantomime Torsten Flink’s performance was most impressive, but with sound I would have voted for Young Blood.

Eight Melodies are now in the final in the third chance. I still want to live forever. I think that is what everybody wants, so please help the melody ”  Live Forever” win:

SVT Melodifesivalen

The third chance

See cool video:

Live Forever (The Official Video/Magnus Carlsson)

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