July 2012

This beautiful view makes me think of Feng Shui. Feng Shui can be translated as wind-water. It is the practice of bringing harmony and peace into people’s life. Feng Shui […]


Friday was suddenly so sunny that all you want is to find some shadow. Visitors at work were eating a lot of ice cream and using their creativity with a […]

Idyllic spot

Summer flowers I am at place with a very idyllic atmosphere and a lot of flowers. People are smiling and dog wags their tails. Summer flowers I am at place […]

“Bullerforsen”: I swim a lot in the summer, but this summer the weather has not allowed it. It has been a lot walking instead. “Bullerforsen”, a rapid near a place […]

“Ornässtugan”: The sun finally came to Borlänge. This Sunday I took a walk in a historical environment. “Ornässtugan”, a large cottage outside Borlänge is one of Sweden’s oldest museums. This […]

Diggiloo 2012

What a great show! The film theme was as made for me. The performance also had a touch of Italy. A lot of beautiful duets with Magnus Carlsson, Jessica Andersson […]

Dalhalla Diggiloo 2012 – Magnifico! – Splendido! – Excellente! I will give you a full report tomorrow!

This is an extremely harmonious summer for me. This is the view that I have when I take a walk before work. It is a jetty out by the lake. […]

Social media

The expression Social Media is often used for activates that combine technology, social interaction and materials produced by the users. Sometimes you put out things on the Internet and then […]

Borlänge has an ostrich farm. It is possible for tourists to visit the farm. Ostriches are cute birds that with dinosaur feets and enormous wings. Then they put out their […]