Diggiloo 2012

diggiloo_dalhalla What a great show! The film theme was as made for me. The performance also had a touch of Italy. A lot of beautiful duets with Magnus Carlsson, Jessica Andersson and Charlotte Perrelli: The time of my life, Come what may and “För kärlekens skull”. These artists also had magnificent individual performances. Perrelli made a tribute to Whitney Houston, that passed away to early.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favourite songs. Fridha is a very good singer. I think that this tour will continue to “Eason down the road”. I liked the chorography of this show. All this beautiful music warmed a frozen soul on row 39.

The time of my life
Förkärlekens skull
The Wiz – Official Trailer
Elephant Medley – Moulin Rouge

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