Le Grand Opéra

Eric Ericson International Choral Centre”I annan Himmel”
Last Saturday the second test of  the opera “In another Heaven” took place in the Eric Ericson International Choral Centre. A few scenes were shown. Two charismatic singers have the leading roles: Karl Rombo & Karin Ingebäck. The story is a true document of our time. It was a performance with a lot of energy.


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  1. Yes, Anneli, It was indeed a pleasant evening. Thanks for sharing it with me and the performers on Saturday 18th of January, 2014 in Stockholm.

    It is my sincere hope to make the world take part of this opera once it is completed; in Sweden, in England, Germany, France, Italy, Arabic countries, India…

    all the best from
    Lennart Westman
    composer of music and libretto

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