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A Happy New Year

New YearChristmas is the time of the year when people travel far to meet near and dear. Angels are watching over us and you miss those that can not be with you.

Now it is New Year’s Eve. It is the night of hopes and dreams. It is the darkest time of the year and it is the brightest time of the year. There are many firework displays that light up the dark night. Love is in the air. The Candles burn. We say farewell to 2008 and welcome 2009.

A Happy New Year !

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Many Santa Clauses

santa_claus1.jpgAs I wrote in my latest article the yearly Christmas window display took place in Borlänge this weekend. The city of Borlänge was filled with lights and at least 5 Santa Clauses had found their way to Borlänge. I believe that is a record.

I feel a little sorry for the children of Borlänge because there was no model train for them to look at in any window display. That used be a good tradition once upon a time. The Christmas billy goats were the most interesting new tradition. I hope they keep that new tradition.

This Sunday the Lucia candidates were presented. On the 13th of December we will know who won the competition. I hope the Santa Clauses come back for Christmas.

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DarinDarin performed in Borlänge.

Yesterday the yearly Christmas window display took place in Borlänge. The former Idol competitor Darin was the main attraction for the shopping centre Kupolen.

Next week Darin makes his comeback, but the audience in Borlänge got a possibility see him in advance. Darin’s performance was good and contained a lot of hits. We can expect Darin’s new album to become a success.

Last years Christmas Idols


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Herman Lindquist

LightHerman Lindquist visited Borlänge this Friday and held a lecture about Madame de Pompadour.

Herman Lindquist writes in his new book that Madame de Pompadour was born as Jeanne Poisson and came from a family of burghers. Jeanne became famous the Sun king Ludvig XV fell in love. With her captivating personality and intelligent mind she became got power and could influence the politic of France.

The cinema where Herman Lindquist held his lecture was crowded and the audience enchanted by his interesting lecture. After the lecture the queue was long. People could buy the new book about Madame de Pompadour and other books.

Herman Lindquist thought that it was nice that event was crowded.

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