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Magnus tribute to Michael Jackson

Magnus Carlsson’s tribute to Michael JacksonMany inhabitants leave Borlänge and Peace & Love to attend the calmer Ludvika Festival. Magnus Carlsson perfomed. He was cheered by the audience. In the end of the concert Magnus Carlsson tributed Michael Jackson by singing one of is more unknown songs. Magnus Carlsson said that it felt wrong to sing happy disco hits, when an artist he had listen to a lot just had died.

Magnus Carlsson made the crowd dance and it was a nice concert.

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A tribute to Michael Jackson

The official Bounce movie from the Beat It tribute to Michael Jackson is now out. The movie is called  A dance tribute to Michael Jackson Stockholm.

When Michael Jackson died it was one of the saddest moments in my life, but the tribute was one of the happiest. To dance in the honour to Michael Jackson in the middle of the street at Stureplan in the night and the rain falling that is as fun as it can be. I think Michael would have been happy if had seen us stop the traffic.

A dance tribute to Michael Jackson Stockholm

The official movie: A dance tribute to Michael Jackson Stockholm

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Training for the Beat It tribute

Training for the Beat It tribute in Stockholm

The 8th of July 300 people and I (Anneli Fors) made a Michael Jackson, “Beat It” tribute in Stockholm.

When all the dancers first meet to train at the Ballet Academy for the Michael Jackson tribute it was hot and chaotic. We only had one hour to learn the the steps to Beat it in a crowded room. Then we did not know that the world would watch our Michael Jackson tribute. CNN is know broadcasting our Michela Jackson performance at their website.

Bounce taught us the steps, but I think that most of us already knew. I learned the steps many years ago and it was easy to catch up. Bounce also told us the positions at each location. Richard Herrey was also there to talk about the arrangement later that night at Golden Hits.

On the way to Sergelstorg we walked different roads so that people would not know that we were going to the same location to make a tribute Micheal Jackson with performing to Beat it.

Our Michael Jackson Tribute are now on the CNN:

CNN: Michael Jackson tribute Stockholm

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Beat It: Tribute to Michael Jackson

Yesterday Bounce, me and 300 other dancers did a tribute to Michael Jackson in the inner city of Stockholm. We performed at Sergelstorg, the Central station and Stureplan. We did the choreography to Michael Jacksons Beat it.

On the first location Sergelstorg the sun shined and it was a lot of space for all the steps. On the second location I got caught by some Japanese photographer and had to back away to not get hurt. At the last location at Stureplan we stopped the traffic and the rain fell on our faces. This is a day that I always will remember and it was a good way to make a tribute to Michael Jackson. Since I saw Fame the first time it has always been a dream to stop the traffic and dance in the street. When Michael Jackson lived he made many peoples dream come true and he will always be an inspiration.

In the evening we all gathered to eat spaghetti bolognese at Golden Hits and dance to Micheal Jackson hits. We were invited by Richard Herrey.

See me dance in red jacket and sunglasses:

Expressen: A Swedish tribute to Michael Jackson

Aftonbladet: A Swedish tribute to Michael Jackson

Films in the world about the Stockholm tribute to Michael Jackson

Perez Hilton: A Stockholm tribute to Micheal Jackson

YouTube: A Sergelstorg tribute to Michael Jackson

YouTube 2: A Sergelstorg tribute to Michael Jackson

YouTube 3: A Stureplan tribute to Michael Jackson

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