Training for the Beat It tribute

Training for the Beat It tribute in Stockholm

The 8th of July 300 people and I (Anneli Fors) made a Michael Jackson, “Beat It” tribute in Stockholm.

When all the dancers first meet to train at the Ballet Academy for the Michael Jackson tribute it was hot and chaotic. We only had one hour to learn the the steps to Beat it in a crowded room. Then we did not know that the world would watch our Michael Jackson tribute. CNN is know broadcasting our Michela Jackson performance at their website.

Bounce taught us the steps, but I think that most of us already knew. I learned the steps many years ago and it was easy to catch up. Bounce also told us the positions at each location. Richard Herrey was also there to talk about the arrangement later that night at Golden Hits.

On the way to Sergelstorg we walked different roads so that people would not know that we were going to the same location to make a tribute Micheal Jackson with performing to Beat it.

Our Michael Jackson Tribute are now on the CNN:

CNN: Michael Jackson tribute Stockholm

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