October 2015


Malaga I dream about the sea and the sun when the autumn is grey. This a picture from March this year. /Anneli

Leaf October

Borlänge As a photographer it is important to catch a moment. A photo that you can catch in one moment can be gone in the next. /Anneli

Pop- & rockkören Do not forget to help!/Anneli


Mighty Voices/Beatles Yesterday our last concert with Petra kvännå took place. Thank you Petra for three years of energy & singing knowledge. Good luck with your new albums. /Anneli


Orsa/Beatles Skeer is one of  the most beautiful people’s parks in Sweden. This evening we in Mighty Voices performed in this magnificant surroundings. It was a crowded event. Thank you all for visiting. /Anneli

It is someone in the music world that I miss./Anneli


”Strutsar” Birds can be interesting to watch. A lot of them leave Sweden when the frost comes. This young flock has a home and stays. /Anneli

Autumn Fog

Unexpected When you least expect it you run in to the most wonderful environment. Fog in daytime is unusual. /Anneli


Sign Sometimes I find unusual signs and that makes me smile. This is one that you do not find every day. /Anneli

Beatles Ad

Consert Hear us live when we in Mighty Voices goes Beatles. ”Cozmoz Söndag 25/10 kl.18.00” /Anneli