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Whole Choir


This weekend we in Mighty
Voices had choir practice in
Mora. The whole choir was
gathered. It is peaceful to
be near the nature.


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Goes Beatles

Might Voices Conserts Cozmoz SkeerConcerts

Mighty Voices &
Petra Kvännå

Skeer: 24/10 18.00
Cozmoz: 25/10 18.00


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Lake SäterLight
Light in the autumn can
be interesting. A low light
that gives sharp contrasts.

I wonder what this lake
look like in the winter?


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New Comedy

Boy Machine begins: TV4 – October 16./Anneli

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Butterfly SäterSummer Feeling

As long as it is possible to see
a butterfly it is some
summer left.

This one I found in Säter.


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Prince & Princess

Prins Carl Philip Prinsessan SofiaRoyal

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia
visited the Falu Coppermine today.
Now I want to see what they wrote
on the wall in the mine. A lot of
international photographers
visited Falun.

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Owl BorlängeBorlänge

Yesterday I found an unusual bird
in the middle of Borlänge.

The bird took a rest for at
least 6 hours.


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Warm Winter

Sunset SiljanSunset

I hear that it is winter in Kiruna,
the first snow has been seen.
In the Siljan area the sun
shined yesterday.
I hope that it will be
a warm winter.

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