February 2016


Dolly Style I visited Valbo this afternoon. I could see pastell colors everywhere. It was obvious that Dolly Style was in town. /Anneli

Never Stop

Barbados The applause would never stop when Barbados performed in Borlänge. A good show is always welcome. /Anneli


Barbados It is always a nice atmosphere, when Barbados come to town. This time they visited ”Galaxen”. /Anneli


Warning A lot of tourists come to Dalecarlia right now It is urgent to watch out. I hope you all enjoy your holiday. /Anneli

Melody Festival Part 4 will be even, but I belive in Molly, Martin & Panetoz./Anneli

Snow Melting

Spring The snow is melting and the first spring signs have arrived. I long for the summer! /Anneli


Tree Hopefully the last snow chaos came this weekend. A tree can be interesting in a picture. /Anneli

More Time

Galaxy Magnus Carlsson gave a excellent show onboard Galaxy, but the performance could have been longer. /Anneli

Star System

Magnus Carlsson Galaxy’s star artist this weekend was Magnus Carlsson. He performed in front of a entusiastic audience. /Anneli

Catch Up

Melody Festival Now I have catched up with the weekend events. The result was is in my taste. /Anneli