March 2016

Chris Hawks

Mariella It is not often that I run into a real good artist that I have not heard about. Chris Hawks performed on Mariella this weekend. Music Managers should hunt […]


Cruise This time I had the oppurtunity to sleep in an A-cabin. It is nice to look out on the waves and see the sunset. /Anneli

Underground Light

Helsinki Subway The walls in stations can be dull, but a little bit of light helps. More light to the people! 🙂 /Anneli

Station Helsinki

Travel The old station in Helsinki is beautiful. It gives me a hint what it was like in the good old days. /Anneli


Sea Life There is still a lot to be discovered in the sea. I wonder what they will come up with next? /Anneli

Cute Shark

Sea Life Some sharks are cuter than others. This one I liked. Sea Life is worth a visit! /Anneli


Sea Life This is what a ray looks like on the side that we never see. I think that he or she is a happy one. /Anneli


Crab This year it is a crab exhibition in Sea Life. This fellow is the most interesting one. /Anneli


Sea Life Sometimes I think that animals are as interested in us as we are in them. Humans can be fun to watch. /Anneli


Sea Life Last year they had an adult octupus. This year it was a baby. Do anybody know what happend? /Anneli