September 2021

Jazz Festival

Sandviken: This fall Magnus Carlsson’s show ”Från Barbados till Gamla Stan” is coming up on ”Hamburger Börs” in the city centre of Stockholm. I have seen the original version twice. […]


Jazz Festival: Magnus Carlsson sang ”I am what I am” and Sway. He also got his inspiration from Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé. A well hidden secret is that Magnus […]


Bangen: The jazz & blues festival Bangen celebrated 30 years. Magnus Carlsson opened the festival. /Anneli

Circle view

Autumn: ”Rättviks brygga” is always a nice view in the autumn./Anneli


Borlänge: Minister of Defence Peter Hultquist came to Borlänge, Liljeqvistska parken a few days ago. Dalarna University new location in Borlänge will be in this park. Church election is soon […]

Church Election

Borlänge: Democracy is about giving your vote. Previous Mando Diao member Gustaf Norén is one of the local candidates. He sang ”Ut i vår hage”. I hope more political parties […]

ABBA show: One of my favorite companies is ILM. Happy that ILM once again changed the history./Anneli

Music Travel

Release: Music life has been silent. Now things are starting to happen. ABBA’s new album ”Voyage” come out today. Magnus Carlsson releases ”Atmosphere” in a few days./Anneli