Midsummer with bears

bears_anneli_fors1.jpgMidsummer in Dalarna can be exotic. On the Midsummer Day I went to revisit the bears in Orsa Grönklitt. Since my second summer job in the bear park a lot has happened. The bears have got larger areas to play in and they have got new friends in form of tigers and wolves.

For me it is impossible to see why bear and wolf hunting is allowed. They are an important part of the ecosystem and are intelligent animals. As far as I know the only people that have gotten hurt by them are those trying to hunt them. It is not more than fair that the predators should have the possibility to defend themselves.

The midsummer evening I went to Leksand with 25 000 other tourists and locals. The midsummer pole was so heavy that it almost fell before they could get it up. They solved the problem and midsummer was saved!

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