Peace & Love is back

peacellove_01_anneli_fors.jpgThe war and destruction festival, or is it the opposite, is back in town!

Borlänge gets invaded by a new generation of hippies calling them selves fans of rock and roll. The Berlin wall that we all thought was torn down 1990 is rebuilt in Borlänge to separate the invaders from the natives and give the visitors the right feeling of not belonging to society. The only way for the locals to pass the watch point is to donate money to the sect leaders to get the band around the wrist; the mark of initiation.

It does not matter that if you have paid local taxes for many years to be able to walk on the roads in the inner city, because commercial interests are more important than right and wrong.

When the festival is over, all that is left is a smelling refuse dump were the seagulls have the time of their life screaming in joy over finding all the food they ever wanted. The tents are left behind empty, and the trees are full of toilet paper. Gone are all those thoughts about peace, love and understanding. Left is just a sense of relief that the war is over for this time.

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