La Puma at Peace & Love

Julie_Leonardsson_Stefan_Sundstrom_Anneli_ForsLa Puma, Anna Feeney, Stefan Sundström and the Little Marbles were performing on the Kupolen stage today. The little Marbeles seem to be upcoming stars. The will soon have a hit with an ice cream theme. La Puma consists of two women and two men. The four members of La Puma made Kupolen rock. Helena Gutarra and Frida Ståhl-Bass are front figures and have international star qualities.

Had a conversation with the the illustrator Julie Leonardsson that is married with the artist Anna Feeny. While Stefan Sundström was performing he did a drawing of the artist. Julie told me that he often make drawings when he listens to concerts. On my picture to the left you can see the illustration. The couple lives in both in Smedjebacken and the US. Anne Feeny sings songs to change society.

La Puma:

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