Miss Li at Peace & Love

Miss Li Linda CarlssonOn the Peace & Love festival today Miss Li, Takida, Kristian Antilla, Hellecopters and Sexpistols are performing. The last mentioned are the big tabloid name this year. The group still sells a lot of tickets in spite of the fact that they were big in the 70’s. The last generation of punk rockers has the time of their life in the festival.

On the afternoon the music magazine Groove was in town and in their display case the festival visitors could meet famous artists; for example Linda Carlsson from Miss Li. She used to live in Borlänge, but now lives in Stockholm. Outside the tourist bureau Kristian Anttila were entertaining his fans and giving them autographs.

The fifth day of the festival was noisy and there were more people than yesterday. The business women I meet in the city told me that business were better today than yesterday. Some visitors were drunk in the afternoon and unpleasant. It is beginning to get dangerous.

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