Tony Irving’s Dance School

Tony IrvingYesterday I surprisingly ended up on third place in Tony Irving’s Dance competition.

Every Wednesday Tony Irving has a dance school on the ship Cinderella. The 26th and 27th of February, when I was on board he was companioned by Elisabeth & Ivan. The dance master couple in 10-Dance a gave outstanding performances.

The first day there was a dance school for everybody that was interested. Tony tried to learn the chaotic mass the basic steps in t10-Dance. I was behind some tall women and could not see anything, but tried to do my best anyway. Tony Irving made us all laugh with his funny jokes.

The second day he first had a dance school for children on the ship and then Tony Irving made us adults believe that we would get more dance lesson, but instead we ended up in a dance competition.

Tony Irving said: – The first dance is a bug. I asked the guy standing in front of me: – Have you ever done the bug dance before? He said never. Then I said that I take the lead and you have to do what I am doing. Tony Irving made a comment about that I was leading, but I replied and smiled: – What should I do. Then followed a lot of different dances, for example: foxtrot, tango, hip hop, disco and salsa.

There were about 25 couples that participated, but Tony Irving chose six to go the final. The guy with a cap on his head and me was in the final. The public then had the opportunity to choose the winner. I and my new dance partner ended up in third place beaten by two couples that had obviously danced together for a long time and were tango experts.

Me and my dance partner got the price from Tony and Elisabeth. Tony wondered if we were brothers and sisters, because of the way we danced. I do not know the guy I danced with. Tony Irving thought that our dance was good. I had a good time. Thank you Tony Irving for letting use participate in the finals.

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