Let’s Dance in Kista

Cecilia Ehrling Let’s DanceThis evening the big fight between Laila and Magnus takes part.

Kista is most known for high technology, but this spring it has also got a lot of attention because of its Let’s Dance shows. Tony Irving and the participants have every Thursday been entertaining the audience in Kista.

This time Tony Irving’s Let’s Dance show was visited by the finalists Laila and Magnus. The audience even got to meet his wife. Behind every strong man there is a woman. Now we all know that it was Magnus wife that convinced him to participate in Let’s dance.

Cecilia Ehrling and partner performed several dances. The dance couples waltz was enchanting.

Tony Irving had a little dance school on stage and I participated.

Yesterday I had an interesting day in Kista with Let’s Dance. Today we will get the results from Let’s Dance. Laila is the best dancer, but the strong man has made the longest journey.

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