June 2012

Rihanna Fever P&L

Rihanna Peace & Love Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also known as Rhinna comes to Borlänge and Peace & Love tonight. This years music event on Peace & Love. Rihanna has more […]

Light Peace & Love

With a little help of light the tourist bureau in Borlänge turns into the castle of Cinderella. Borlänge is usually a rather grey, but when Peace & Love comes to […]

People Peace & Love

Peace & Love: The real festival has started. Roxette performed last night at Peace & Love. The audience got to hear the hits from the group’s golden age. Laleh played […]

Director Mani Maserrat

Peace & Love Film Festival: This morning, just before lunch I saw the general rehearsal of a workshop with the director Mani Masserat. He his known for the film: Ciao […]

The fairest of them all

Snow White and the Huntsman is a beautiful fairytale. It is a unique version of Snow White that might be inspired by Joan of Arc, Ivanhoe and Twilight. Kirsten Stewart […]

P&L: Lightning & Thunder

Peace & Love 2012 started today with thunder and lightning. In “Expressen” today I read that 17 persons have been taken to medical care. I heard the thunder in my […]

P&L Film festival 2012

This year Peace & Love arranges the first film festival ever. It is raining in Borlänge, so the outside film activates has moved inside.Yesterday they showed Singing in the Rain. […]

A Happy Day!

Midsummer: I had a great midsummer with a lot of strawberries and other god food. A sunny day! This year I have learned to make my own flower crown, not […]

Midsummer: Tomorrow it is Midsummer Eve! I wish everybody a happy midsummer! What happend in Kolmården with the wolf is very unusual and sad. Wolfs do not usually attack people. […]

Building P&L

The Peace & Love festival is waiting for the visitors: Peace & Love 2012 starts the 23 June. Tents are being built. Cars with the Peace & Love logo are […]