Director Mani Maserrat

mani_maserrat_us_peace_and_lovePeace & Love Film Festival: This morning, just before lunch I saw the general rehearsal of a workshop with the director Mani Masserat. He his known for the film: Ciao Bella. Now he is in Borlänge to talk about his new movie: Us. The film has premier 2013. Us is a film about destructive love.

Gustav Skarsgård plays one of the main characters. Masserat was happy to have Gustav Skarsgård in the production, because he is a very professional actor. Mani Masserat sees directing as a mussle, which must be trained. The director thinks that film is an art form that you must play with. It must be allowed to fail sometimes to develop as a director. The actors should be in the centre. You will be able to see the real workshop in connection to the film: Take this walz this afternoon.

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