September 2012

Flash Mob Panetoz

Panetoz Kupolen The first attempt to make a flash mob in Dalarna was made today. A lot of people from different dance- and aerobic studios had gathered to make the […]

Autumn Leaf

The sun is here! I like the colour of leafs in the autumn. The sun has been shining today in Borlänge. No need of a jacket or coat. Finally some […]

Light of Fame

Kupolen What happens if you turn of the light in a shopping centre? Today they had a power failure in Kupolen. They had broken a cable, when trying to build […]

Quote The one that goes its own ways do not need a map. /Queen Christina

New Search Box

Search old articles: There now is a search box at the bottom of the sidebar, if some of you want to search for old articles or specific information. I had […]

Audivisual days

Dalarna University arranged two extra special Audiovisual Days: making music videos, live looping, audiovisual installations and VJ. The first lecturer out was Ras Kjearbo from Ableton Education Berlin. Ableton is a […]

Crazy Pictures

Filmfestival Dalarna: Crazy Pictures is a film corporate in Norrköping. The group is most known for making short films. Their latest production is called the Blue Man. Albin Petterson is […]

Today we got an important and very welcome visit from King Carl XVI Gustaf. The King was a guest at the Solar Energy Research Center in Borlänge. This center is […]

Expect the unexpected! This image is a photo of the lake Ljustern in Säter. In a forest nearby the lake I saw three small cute roe deers. Unfortunately I was not […]

Caribbean  Night

It was a nostalgic evening when three of Borlänge’s most known bands played in different locations in the town. Apopocalyps and Rootvälta both made a Caribbean night possible. Sator and […]