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Melody Festival Malmö

melodi_festival_2012_scen”Melodifestival 2012/Malmö/Cinderella”: This time I watched the melody festival on a big screen in a crowded room full of interested people.

The artist that will make it directly to the final is Lisa Miskovsky and Danny Saucedo. Both melodies are good and have a chance to win in the final. Hanna Lindblad and Charlotte Perelli would have deserved a second chance. This years competitions have been unpredictable. I  think that Loreen has a song that and dance routine that is easy to remember. That is often what settles a competition.

Magnus Carlsson performed on Cinderella after the melody festival. He sang the song “Live for ever” that probably will win the first “third chance” competition. The public was enthusiastic.

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A princess is born

light_show_borlangeA princess is born. This morning 04.26 a cute princess was born. She is 51 cm long and her weight: 3.280 gram. Bellow the link to see the happy father give the press the news:

2010 Light Show

Victoria & Daniel Wedding

In the centre of Borlänge there is a light party arranged by Boom Town. I do not think that they could have chosen a better date for the event. A party of light and magic to co celebrate the new princess that one day will become the queen.

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Melody Festival Leksand

melodifestival_love_generationEurovision Song Contest is waiting to see who Sweden will send to European final. The third competition takes place in Leksand. The small town is filled with lights and people in street are celebrating. The midsummer pole that usually is lonely in the winter has got some light and magic. It is almost as many people visiting Leksand today as it is in midsummer time. Music brings people together. Today I visited the final dress rehearsal before the third final. The artists that compete tonight: Youngblood, Maria BenHajji, Mattias Andréasson, Love Generation, Carolina Wallin Pérez, Andreas Johnson, Molly Sandén and Björn Ranelid.

After the rehearsal I and my company went to a restaurant. We talked to the father of one of the members in Youngblood.  Simon’s father is a friendly man from Ljungskile. He told me that Simon and the others in the group were picked out through an audition. Fredrik Kempe is one of the creators.

My favorite after watching the performances are Youngblood and Mattias Andréasson.

On the picture: Love Generation.

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Melodifestival 2012

melodifestival_2012It is time to decide who Sweden will send to the Eurovision Song Contest. The first contest takes place in Växsjö. The artist in this competition: Sean Banan, Abalone Dots, The Moniker, Afro-Dite, Dead by April, Marie Serneholt, Torsten Flink and Loreen.

In the second competition in Gothenburg eight artist fight for a place in the Swedish final: Ulrik Munther, Top Cats, Sonja Alkden, Andreas Lundstedt, Timoteij, David Lindgren, Mimi Ob and Thomas Di Leva.

Leksand has got the honor to arrange the third competition. Here we will see the following artists: Youngblood, Maria BenHajji, Mattias Andréasson, Love Generation, Carolina Wallin Pérez, Andreas Johnson, Molly Sandén and Björn Ranelid.

In Malmö we will see the last competitors compete: Charlotte Perrelli, OPA!, Dynasty, Lotta Engberg, Christer Sjögren, Hanna Linblad, Axel Algmark, Lisa Miskovsky and Danny Saucedo.
My favourite in Växsjö was Loreen with the song: Euphoria.
Afro-Dite and Marie Serneholt were strong competitors.

The winners in Växsjö are Loreen & Dead by April.

Now it is possible to vote for songs that did not make it to the big final previous years:

The third chance

I want to live forever. 🙂

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