February 2012

Melody Festival Malmö

”Melodifestival 2012/Malmö/Cinderella”: This time I watched the melody festival on a big screen in a crowded room full of interested people. The artist that will make it directly to the […]

A princess is born

A princess is born. This morning 04.26 a cute princess was born. She is 51 cm long and her weight: 3.280 gram. Bellow the link to see the happy father […]

Melody Festival Leksand

Eurovision Song Contest is waiting to see who Sweden will send to European final. The third competition takes place in Leksand. The small town is filled with lights and people […]

Melodifestival 2012

It is time to decide who Sweden will send to the Eurovision Song Contest. The first contest takes place in Växsjö. The artist in this competition: Sean Banan, Abalone Dots, […]