Bounce summer camp

bounce.jpgJune was hot this year and many Swedes likely ended up in a hammock. Because I did not want a lazy summer and registered for Bounce summer camp 2007. I and a friend went for an intensive week of Hip-Hop training. 900 persons participate in this event every year. There were three different weeks and levels to choose from. The disciplines that you could choose from were Jazz dance and Hip-Hop.

Bounce is one of Sweden‘s most well known dance groups. The members are: Joe, Jennie, Fredrik, Filmon, David, Ambra and Alvaro. The group started 10 years ago and has reached great success with their shows. Good trainers are hard to find, but Bounce are a few of those.

It was a lot of opportunities to mingle with other dancers in the cafeteria and on the grill party in the middle of the week. It is interesting to meet dancers from different parts of Sweden. In the end of the week all had the possibility to show what we had learned together with the bounce members. The performance was crowded event. It was interesting to watch all the different choreographies and an evening that we all won’t forget for a long time.

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