Writers todays rockstars

snacka1.jpgThis weekend the annual Book trade fair took place in Gothenburg. Readers and writers have a chance to meet. Saturday I made a visit to the crowded event. I waited for about 45 minutes before I could get in to the exhibition hall.

It is obvious that writers are getting the rock star image. Each event with a famous writer was crowed and people pushed them selves forward to see better, but still the literature idols have not get the status that their fans scream. Lisa Marklund talked about the power of the journalist have to day. Jan Guillou made a speach about legal security and that people get treated differently on behalf of their background, for example if they come from a foreign country. Both writers had in my opinion important things to say. Camilla Läckberg just signed her books. The queue was long.

Lisa Marklund, Jan Guillou and Camilla Läckberg seamed to be the most popular, until I accidentally was forced in to the crowd that was trying to see Desmond Tutu, the bishop and ANC guru. They had put him in a corner with a big screen behind. In the back you could only see Desmond’s forehead if you were tall or as I have a talent for tiptoe. It was not possible to hear him speak either. A women asked me if Desmond really was there or if it was a just a practical joke. It was a little bit like the Wizard of Oz phenomena. I think he was there, but it was a lot more to see.

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