The idols

mattias_idol2.jpgOn one Sunday I decided to try to catch the Christmas spirit in pictures. I took my camera with me into town with the expectation to photograph happy people.

This weekend the yearly Christmas windows display took place in Borlänge, but when it started at 12.00 o’clock the streets was rather empty.The poor salesmen waded in water, because the temperature had risen quickly and snow was melting and rain was falling. Selling pillows in the rain is not a situation that I envy.

Many preferred to celebrate the first advent with Swedish Idols that were performing in Kupolen and also signing autographs. Mattias, Daniel, Andreas, Evelina and Christoffer were honoured like heroes. However their performances were joyful and a good start of the Christmas celebrations. I have never seen so much people in Kupolen before. After a long afternoon unexpectedly got some good pictures of the Idol competitors.

Now one week later we know that Marie became the winner of Idol 2007.

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  1. Yes fine but I want to see pictures of DANNY!!! Have you got some?

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