Café Oikos

Field_Copywright: Anneli ForsIn Greek Oikos means house. In the Arena in Falun some people have got together to start an environmental café with the name Oikos. Every Wednesday in the Arena you can eat newly-baked bread and drink smoothies, all made by environmental ingredients for a low price. How could you resist that? On the wall they have put weekly messages about things that you could do to make one little step for the world.Â

More people should engage themselves to save the planet. Buy environmental products, stop smoking or just sort out paper to save some trees. The politicians could stop the use of nuclear power, invest in public transports and make sure that the industries decrease their pollutions of air and water. We all know that the water resources are running out and people get ill from air they breathe.

Everybody should find their own way to fight for humanity. I leave the car behind and use the bicycle instead.

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