Michael Jackson the King of Pop

Micheal Jackson the King of PopOn Friday night I was reached by the message that Micheal Jackson is dead. When he died the world stood still.

Michael Jackson had all the sing and dance talent in the world. He would conquere the universe and make us all believe in peace. Michael Jackson opened peoples mind to that there are no difference between people weather you are black or white.

I discovered Michael Jackson when I saw the video Say Say Say that he recorded with Paul McCartney and since then I have bought all his albums.  Thriller made the world understand that he was the King of Pop. I saw two of Michael Jackson conserts and I have never since then seen anyone beat him.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson we will love you for ever, because your songs made us dance and you made the world better. Your songs and dance will live for ever.

Michael Jackson’s songs:

Say Say Say


Billy Jean

In the closet

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