Day 7 P&L: The Happyland

HappylandPeace & Love

The Happyland has left Borlänge and the town is empty and quiet again. The only thing you can hear are seagulls that is having the meal of there lives. The birds can choose from anything between Thai food to spaghetti.

The visitors that did not get enough sleep at the camping sleeps well in the ditch.The wild camping looks worse than ever. To become the cleanest festival in Sweden is a good goal, but journey to reach that goal will be long. It is easy to talk about environmental improvements, but tents and other belongs behind are left behind. How many tons of extra refuse is the festival producing?

Amanda took her nice red buss with the text: Happyland and left Borlänge. How ever one troubadour still thinks it is Peace & Love and sings under my balcony. The troubadour sings that he maybe is crazy, but who is normal after a week with little sleep. Music and people has kept the town awake.

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