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The latest issue of the Swedish magazine:  “Skriva/”Write” they gave some tips about how you should get your blog to be successful. It was good advice.

Here are my five advices:
1. Follow your heart:
Write about things that interest you or you have knowledge of. Do not choose a subject, because you think it is going to hit the market. It is more interesting to read a text if people are engaged in what they write.

2. Challenge you self: Always try to find a better angle, a better picture or a new idea.

3. Inspiration: My favourite trick is to use the power of creativity.

4. Passion/Compassion: Try to make the world a little better.

5. Motivate: Imagine that everything is possible, if you believe in it.

A rainbow suddenly turned up for five minutes, when I took this photo in “Hofors” today.

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