sun_rain_kupolenTo Twitter or not to Twitter: When I first started to write about social media it was not much literature around about the subject. Yesterday a found a book written by Paul Ronge: Social media – A half second from word to word action/”Sociala medier – En halv sekund från ord till handling”.This book made me think of Twitter. I am not present in this media, but maybe I should be.It is a fast way to communicate in real time, but it can be stressful to be present all the time.

Some communicate with humour and some just give facts. Twitter is good for people that communicate with short messages, but some people give up after a while. The best with Twitter is that you can network with people you do not know. In Dalecarlia people in general seem to be stuck with Facebook. I am not one of them. I am still blogging!/Anneli 🙂

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