Mando Diao at Peace & Love

Mando Diao Dixgard at Peace and LoveThe fourth day of the Peace & Love festival the bands began to play. Today there were concerts with Amanda Jenssen, Mando Diao, The Hives and Miss Lee. In the afternoon Mando Diao were giving autographs. The tourist information bureau was camouflaged with a green military net. You can wonder if the bureau does not want people to find their way to information. On the outside T-shirts were sold and the Hives T-shirts were most expensive.

Outside the gates SMS SM took place. The competition had the symbol of a yellow Santa Claus, but it felt a bit misplaced because the sun was shining. An African dance group was performing on the streets, people stopped to watch.

The festival has this year 27 000 visitors and 3000 functionary. The queue to the festival was long and the visitors seamed irritated because their bands began to play and they had to wait. The Berlin wall is higher than ever and there are a lot of guards, but I wonder were they were last night when a car stereo outside my window kept me awake all night.

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