June 2008

Veni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi Vici has got its first T-shirt. I got help wih printing from the National Road administration under the Sugarplum Fairy concert outside Pylonen a few day ago. The […]

Reflection of Peace & Love

The festival visitors have left the town and the red lights are taken down. Jason Mraz were the most played hit on the streets of Borlänge. Last year he was […]

Rootvälta at Peace & Love

At the shopping centre Kupolen: Rootvälta, Afai & Flith and Film on Four performed yesterday. Rootvälta said: playing at Peace & Love was a dream come true. Bands like Sugarplum […]

Sugarplum Fairy plays today

This is the last official day of Peace and Love. The bands that are playing today are Sugarplum Fairy, Stone Cake, Rootvälta, Adam Tensta, Teddy Bears and WASP. The picture […]

Miss Li at Peace & Love

On the Peace & Love festival today Miss Li, Takida, Kristian Antilla, Hellecopters and Sexpistols are performing. The last mentioned are the big tabloid name this year. The group still sells […]

La Puma at Peace & Love

La Puma, Anna Feeney, Stefan Sundström and the Little Marbles were performing on the Kupolen stage today. The little Marbeles seem to be upcoming stars. The will soon have a […]

Mando Diao at Peace & Love

The fourth day of the Peace & Love festival the bands began to play. Today there were concerts with Amanda Jenssen, Mando Diao, The Hives and Miss Lee. In the […]

Veni Vidi Vici meets Camino

Veni Vidi Vici got an interview with Caroline Petersson, one of the founders of Camino who made an exclusive visit to Borlänge in Connection to Peace & Love festival. Camino […]

Adam Tensta at Peace & Love

Adam Tensta and Sugarplum Fairy performed today in front of Pylonen. The national road administration had arranged the day and the theme was to make people drive more safely. For […]

Izzy Young about Dylan

The second day of Peace & Love was about happiness, goals and how to accomplish them, and how people behave when they meet each other. Tuesday the man that discovered […]