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Veni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi ViciVeni Vidi Vici has got its first T-shirt.

I got help wih printing from the National Road administration under the Sugarplum Fairy concert outside Pylonen a few day ago. The queue was long, but it was worth the effort.

Some children in front of me printed: I love cats and I love horses. A man that looked like he belonged to a tough motorcycle gang saw my flames and said I want those too. He went with great steps to the t-shirts, even if the queue was closed. I think that the story ended happily he got his t-shirt.

Click on the picture to see the T-shirt Veni Vidi Vici:

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Reflection of Peace & Love

Peace & Love TreeThe festival visitors have left the town and the red lights are taken down. Jason Mraz were the most played hit on the streets of Borlänge. Last year he was one of the participants at the Peace & Love festival. Good things happen on the festival, but also bad things.

The camping looks like one of the shantytowns in a poor country. I can wonder why prosperous young Swedes just can leave the tent, chairs and all other belongings behind. To be able in a sleep in a refuse dump they must have missed the three days of the festival that was about the problems in the world with garbage heap and waste of resources.Â

One of the two local newspapers said that the turnover for this festival will be 50 million SEK, but still lot of those that work with it have unhuman contracts working 12 hours a day or more without salary.

Interview with Jason Mraz:

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Rootvälta at Peace & Love

Rootvalta Micheal BerglundAt the shopping centre Kupolen: Rootvälta, Afai & Flith and Film on Four performed yesterday. Rootvälta said: playing at Peace & Love was a dream come true.

Bands like Sugarplum Fairy, Mando Diao, Stone Cake, Rootvälta and Miss Li all come from Borlänge. The town also has “Boom Town”; a university, for rock music and the famous Peace & Love festival. One reason for this music wonder is that kids are offered music education. Every child that has the interest can learn how to play an instrument and it is not dependent on their parents economy. Today you can say that Borlänge is a centre for hits and music stars.

More information about Rootvälta:

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Sugarplum Fairy plays today

The singer in Sugerplum FairyThis is the last official day of Peace and Love. The bands that are playing today are Sugarplum Fairy, Stone Cake, Rootvälta, Adam Tensta, Teddy Bears and WASP. The picture shows the singer in Sugarplum Fairy.

Yesterday I went by the fence by the railroad and noticed a lot of middle aged people that did not want to mingle with the young ones. Kent was the band that drew the most attention among the first mentioned. When the Sex Pistols played the railroad scene had most visitors over 55, but also a few punk rockers.

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Miss Li at Peace & Love

Miss Li Linda CarlssonOn the Peace & Love festival today Miss Li, Takida, Kristian Antilla, Hellecopters and Sexpistols are performing. The last mentioned are the big tabloid name this year. The group still sells a lot of tickets in spite of the fact that they were big in the 70’s. The last generation of punk rockers has the time of their life in the festival.

On the afternoon the music magazine Groove was in town and in their display case the festival visitors could meet famous artists; for example Linda Carlsson from Miss Li. She used to live in Borlänge, but now lives in Stockholm. Outside the tourist bureau Kristian Anttila were entertaining his fans and giving them autographs.

The fifth day of the festival was noisy and there were more people than yesterday. The business women I meet in the city told me that business were better today than yesterday. Some visitors were drunk in the afternoon and unpleasant. It is beginning to get dangerous.

Read more about the artists and magazine:

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La Puma at Peace & Love

Julie_Leonardsson_Stefan_Sundstrom_Anneli_ForsLa Puma, Anna Feeney, Stefan Sundström and the Little Marbles were performing on the Kupolen stage today. The little Marbeles seem to be upcoming stars. The will soon have a hit with an ice cream theme. La Puma consists of two women and two men. The four members of La Puma made Kupolen rock. Helena Gutarra and Frida Ståhl-Bass are front figures and have international star qualities.

Had a conversation with the the illustrator Julie Leonardsson that is married with the artist Anna Feeny. While Stefan Sundström was performing he did a drawing of the artist. Julie told me that he often make drawings when he listens to concerts. On my picture to the left you can see the illustration. The couple lives in both in Smedjebacken and the US. Anne Feeny sings songs to change society.

La Puma:

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Mando Diao at Peace & Love

Mando Diao Dixgard at Peace and LoveThe fourth day of the Peace & Love festival the bands began to play. Today there were concerts with Amanda Jenssen, Mando Diao, The Hives and Miss Lee. In the afternoon Mando Diao were giving autographs. The tourist information bureau was camouflaged with a green military net. You can wonder if the bureau does not want people to find their way to information. On the outside T-shirts were sold and the Hives T-shirts were most expensive.

Outside the gates SMS SM took place. The competition had the symbol of a yellow Santa Claus, but it felt a bit misplaced because the sun was shining. An African dance group was performing on the streets, people stopped to watch.

The festival has this year 27 000 visitors and 3000 functionary. The queue to the festival was long and the visitors seamed irritated because their bands began to play and they had to wait. The Berlin wall is higher than ever and there are a lot of guards, but I wonder were they were last night when a car stereo outside my window kept me awake all night.

More information about Mando Diao at:

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Veni Vidi Vici meets Camino

Camino Caroline PeterssonVeni Vidi Vici got an interview with Caroline Petersson, one of the founders of Camino who made an exclusive visit to Borlänge in Connection to Peace & Love festival. Camino is an ethical lifestyle magazine that gives solutions to the environmental problems in the world. The magazine tries to see things in a positive way. When writing about problems they use beautiful pictures. Camino deals with sustainable lifestyle, fashion and starting businesses on the same theme.

In the beginning the three young women did not have any capital and because of this they started as an economical association. They received help from an organization called Coompanion. To know that the magazine could work they phoned organizations that deal with sustainable development and asked if they would support them. The first number they gave a way for free and sent out to newspapers and television. They also market themselves at courses for people that want to start there own business. She finds the lectures to be the most interesting part of her work.

Camino was the first magazine about ethical lifestyle in Sweden, but there are several others, for example Echo Queen. They magazine got its income from advertisement. Caroline believes that people should not start businesses looking at what they could make money from instead they should look at what problems that need to be solved in the world. She encourages people to go from word to action.

Read more about Camino and Coompanion at:

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Adam Tensta at Peace & Love

Adam Tensta Peace & Love

Adam Tensta and Sugarplum Fairy performed today in front of Pylonen. The national road administration had arranged the day and the theme was to make people drive more safely. For example do not drink and drive. Sugarplum Fairy sang a song from their new album that comes out in August. Adam Tensta got the public dancing. The day was a success.

At the festival Peace & Love Pär Holmgren talked about that we must decrease the oil consumption and only use 1/1000 000 of what we do today, because otherwise the climate changes will create catastrophes for people around the world. He says that we should have stopped the oil consumption 10-15 years ago. People that live near water like in New York will be one group that will get problems.

Stefan Sauk ended the day by making parallels with Woodstock 1969 that had the theme of love, but it ended up in chaos. Sauk said that today’s festivals in general does not have the goal of love, rather destruction. He says people are being shaped to become normal and that fear is the largest danger in society, because that is what starts war.

The three lectures days was interesting, but the third evening of the festival the chaos began. The queue to the camping ground was at least hundred meters and around the queue there were a lot of broken bottles. The festival visitors had stolen shopping carts to have beer in. I can not understand why it is allowed to take in alcohol into the camping ground, because people die. It would also help if they had drug dogs.

See movies about Peace & Love:

Listen to Sugerplum Fairy:

Follow Adam Tensta at tour:

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Izzy Young about Dylan

Izzy Young at Peace & LoveThe second day of Peace & Love was about happiness, goals and how to accomplish them, and how people behave when they meet each other.

Tuesday the man that discovered Bob Dylan visited Borlänge, Izzy Young. He runs a store in New York. When Bob Dylan came in through the door Izzy though that Dylan did not look much to the world, but he soon discovered that his voice and lyrics were amazing. Izzy helped the young man to take his first steps in the entertainment business. The contact with Bob Dylan has been good, because Dylan appreciates that Izzy is honest to him.

Izzy Young has lived in Sweden for 35 years. Young thinks that the problems with today’s musicians is that they are too egoistic; they never visit other musicians concerts. He has all his life arranged concerts because he thought that it was important and not because of money.

Ann-Christine Ramsing told the public about SQ, social intelligence a complement to IQ and EQ. SQ is about dreams and vision. Atle Johansen said that a smile from one person affects 10 others in a good way. Atle encourages people to congratulate each other, because that can have a large importance in a persons life.

The funniest woman was Birgitta Granberg that gave her opinions about life. After the show a young man asked her if she remembered him. Birgitta looked confused and then the young man said: I had a beard then. She replied: I am sure that I did not.

Stefan Sauk thought that the way to happiness was confirmation. He talked about being young. Some people are old ladies at 25, but the youngest person he ever met was 77. Age is not dependent on biology, rather the personality. Sauk concluded the day with saying be happy.

Read more about Izzy Young:

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