Reflection of Peace & Love

Peace & Love TreeThe festival visitors have left the town and the red lights are taken down. Jason Mraz were the most played hit on the streets of Borlänge. Last year he was one of the participants at the Peace & Love festival. Good things happen on the festival, but also bad things.

The camping looks like one of the shantytowns in a poor country. I can wonder why prosperous young Swedes just can leave the tent, chairs and all other belongings behind. To be able in a sleep in a refuse dump they must have missed the three days of the festival that was about the problems in the world with garbage heap and waste of resources.Â

One of the two local newspapers said that the turnover for this festival will be 50 million SEK, but still lot of those that work with it have unhuman contracts working 12 hours a day or more without salary.

Interview with Jason Mraz:

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