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Izzy Young at Peace & LoveThe second day of Peace & Love was about happiness, goals and how to accomplish them, and how people behave when they meet each other.

Tuesday the man that discovered Bob Dylan visited Borlänge, Izzy Young. He runs a store in New York. When Bob Dylan came in through the door Izzy though that Dylan did not look much to the world, but he soon discovered that his voice and lyrics were amazing. Izzy helped the young man to take his first steps in the entertainment business. The contact with Bob Dylan has been good, because Dylan appreciates that Izzy is honest to him.

Izzy Young has lived in Sweden for 35 years. Young thinks that the problems with today’s musicians is that they are too egoistic; they never visit other musicians concerts. He has all his life arranged concerts because he thought that it was important and not because of money.

Ann-Christine Ramsing told the public about SQ, social intelligence a complement to IQ and EQ. SQ is about dreams and vision. Atle Johansen said that a smile from one person affects 10 others in a good way. Atle encourages people to congratulate each other, because that can have a large importance in a persons life.

The funniest woman was Birgitta Granberg that gave her opinions about life. After the show a young man asked her if she remembered him. Birgitta looked confused and then the young man said: I had a beard then. She replied: I am sure that I did not.

Stefan Sauk thought that the way to happiness was confirmation. He talked about being young. Some people are old ladies at 25, but the youngest person he ever met was 77. Age is not dependent on biology, rather the personality. Sauk concluded the day with saying be happy.

Read more about Izzy Young: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izzy_Young

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