Stefan Sauk at Peace & Love

Stefan_Sauk_at_Peace_and_Love_anneli_forsStefan Sauk inaugurated Peace & Love’s seminar days. He argued that we should go back to thinking more like Indians. The nature should be in the centre. This was appropriate, because the arrangement was held in an Indian tent.

Kathleen Mc Caughey, Green Peace talked about that the rain forests that are being devastated. The forests are being used to grow soya beans for animal fodder. She also said that nuclear power does not have a future. Uranium is an endless source, it is not possible to store safely and people are getting hurt from the uranium mining.

In the end of the arrangement there was a debate with Alice Bah Kunknke, Kathleen Mc Caughey, Maria Wetterstrand and Bo Ekman. Bo Ekman emphasized the fact that the use of coal must be stopped, because otherwise thousands of people will die. Maria Wetterstrand talked about the importance of making the right investments and not invest in things that hurt the environment, for example motorways.

The first day of the festival was peaceful and filled with hope; there really are people that fight for a better world.

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